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Establishing great business to business relationships.
Over many years we have developed  business relationships with some great companies and great people.  We refer them to you at no charge. Just pick your industry then click on their link. It will take you to their website. Sourcing for your business may take months or years to find the best one that suits you and your business.  Here we go!


Floor Tile and Stone Industry
UNDERLAYMENTS. Crack Protection for Floor Tile and Stone. No Need for Primer with these advanced products. They contribute to Healthy House Environment by allowing concrete moisture in concrete sub-floors to evaporate.

True Guard Anti-Fracture System for Tile Flooring Peel N' Stick Anti-Fracture Underlayment.

Flex-Guard anti-Fracture System for Tile and Stone Floors
- World's Finest, Advanced, Multi-Performance Crack Isolation. Since 1992

Textile and Paper Industry
Superior Fabrics -
Serving the global textile industry as one of the largest manufacturers of stitch bonded polyester in the United States.  Since 1972

ESA Paper - Solving your process or packaging issues. Since 1986  

LECO Adhesives. Needing very quick setting  hot melt adhesives? Highly recommended. Enormous amount of adhesive knowledge at LECO. Check out this YouTube Video then give them a call!

Packaging, Boxes, Shipping Supplies
Ace Packaging of Arizona  Since 1981

Custom Guitar Parts/Guitar and Amplifier Repair
Addiction-FX -Guitar Pickup Parts. One of best selection of magnets in USA!

Freaking Sick Electronics- High Performance, Killer! Guitar Pedals,

USA Custom Guitar, High Quality Guitar Bodies, Necks- Excellent craftsmanship. If you want to build a high quality guitar, this is the place!

HUNT Amplification. Amplifier Repair.

B&D Guitar Repair. "Bottom Line "Every Customer Matters. Over 25 years guitar repair

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